Our multi-day wilderness adventure treks are immersive journeys that return to our base camps upon completion.


Our instructors collaborate with the blueFire team and clients to choose an area within our extensive local operating region, which boasts diverse landscapes. South central Idaho features stunning mountains, river-carved canyons, and ancient volcanic boulder fields, all adjacent to our base camps. Our multi-day treks explore these remarkable locales.

The possibilities for exploration in southern Idaho are endless.

Once the group decides on their destination, they work as a team to pack essential supplies. When ready, they are transported to their chosen starting point. From there, it's up to the group to execute their plan.

Unique and Transformative

Planning, preparing, and following through on a multi-day trek offers a unique and transformative experience. Clients witness the consequences of their decisions firsthand, whether facing unexpected challenges or reflecting on their emotional and behavioral responses. These lessons translate directly to their lives and relationships at home.

Groups embark on ongoing hiking expeditions, often changing campsites each night. They also take multi-day outings to various southern Idaho areas, combining adventure, learning, and volunteer work.

During wilderness experiences, clients engage in volunteer activities that contribute to the preservation of southern Idaho's natural beauty.

Return to Base Camp

Each group operates from a base camp equipped with gear, food, and supply storage. This campsite features a year-round sleeping yurt with cots and heating for inclement weather. Clients have access to a picnic and cooking area and gear storage. Weekly, groups return to base camp for group therapy, equine therapy, personal care, and communication with family.

Planning Future Treks

Groups also plan their next multi-day trek while at base camp. One week, they might embark on a backpacking trip, while the next, they could explore a city for rock climbing or a service project.

The Value Adventure Therapy

  • Engages clients through active, experiential methods to connect their life experiences with therapeutic ones.
  • Focuses on therapeutic goals encompassing cognitive, behavioral, affective, physical, and spiritual aspects.
  • Nurtures a dynamic therapist-client relationship through shared experiences and active client involvement.
  • Utilizes the environment, often incorporating nature exposure, including challenging environments for clients.


blueFire Wilderness

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"Observing teens in various settings, from outdoor therapy at base camp to the wilderness, provides valuable insights into their progress."

 -Kathy Rex, Owner/Founder