529 Funding at blueFire

Teens aged 14+ who are enrolled at blueFire Wilderness are now able to take a college-level course during their treatment and use their 529 funds to help pay for the program. blueFire Wilderness has partnered with Western CO University’s Center for Learning and Innovation program which allows students this great opportunity.

The Center for Learning and Innovation offers students the opportunity to earn credit while participating in valuable learning opportunities provided by our contract partners through field expeditions and cultural exploration, as well as through leadership training and various certifications.”

The course offered is a psychology 101 class “Introduction to Wilderness Therapy” and is integrated into our Academic Programming. Upon completion of this course, the 3-credits will be transferable to any U.S.-based University.

The teens who enrolled in this course will be able to use as much or as little of their 529 Funds to pay for the blueFire PulsaR program. A 529 college savings plan is a state-sponsored investment plan that enables you to pay for education expenses and withdraw said funds tax-free.

This is an important opportunity for the teens in the blueFire program. Firstly with the help of the 529 college savings plan, more students who may be struggling can now afford the blueFire Wilderness therapy program. This form of financial aid can lessen the burden of tuition for students and their families.

Secondly, it provides a unique experience for students to be active in the therapy programming that is then being learned in their class, allowing a deeper understanding into their own therapies and the coursework itself. Imagine being able to deeply understand the therapies that are then being applied to yourself, and how much deeper of an insight one could create with that opportunity. Quite a few blueFire graduates end up going to school to become a licensed therapist, this course can help them springboard off into a fulfilling career.

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