Family Spark Workshop


The Family Spark is a Four-Day Retreat Focused on Helping Clients Bring Positive Changes Home

The Family Spark Workshop is an immersive family therapeutic experience where parents get a chance to see first-hand the behavioral changes being made at our therapeutic wilderness program. The focus of the Family Spark Workshop is helping parents learn how to transition positive changes home. During our workshop retreat, families learn about the program, how to repair relationships and gain a better understanding of therapeutic processing as a family unit.

The true success of our program is found in the weeks, months and years after a child leaves blueFire.

Our focus is on your family

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Family Support


Helping the Entire Family System in Our Therapeutic Wilderness Program

Dr. Murray Bowen, the father of family systems theory, suggests that individuals cannot be understood in isolation from one another, but need to be evaluated as a whole family unit. Therefore, our family systems program assesses how the client and the family interact in and out of their environment to identify new systems, tools and goals for future interactions.

Our goal is not to assign blame. Rather, our goal is to help chart a new way forward.

Simply, in our experience, without changes back at home, the success at blueFire rarely lasts once a child returns.

We invite all families to participate in family therapy during the therapeutic wilderness program and at the Family Spark Workshop near the end of the program. In addition to the great work that will be done on-site during this workshop, families enjoy reconnecting with their child, witnessing the changes underway, and being a part of their child's graduation.


The “Spark” of Family Changes

Our beautiful wilderness backdrop provides the perfect setting for the families to come together while addressing family issues at a 4-day intensive family retreat called Family Spark.

The Family Spark therapeutic wilderness program occurs near the end of a client’s time at blueFire. This provides time for clients to make progress and work on their individual challenges. By having the families participate just before their child's graduation, family members back home have ample time to develop and practice new skills and prep for their child’s eventual return.

During the Family Spark Workshop, we work on:

  • Family reunification
  • Equine therapy
  • Adventure activities and processing
  • Family therapy with primary therapist
  • Parent workshop to provide tools for future success
  • Review of psychological testing when appropriate
  • Comfortable overnight camping
  • Evaluation and planning for future plans

Repairing and Rebuilding Family Relationships

The family is the core unit. Our blueFire team starts with the child to help rebuild their relationships. Then, we work to repair family relations and strive to reintegrate clients into the family unit. We do this with weekly video journaling with clients to communicate the successes and struggles that they’ve had while participating in the different activities. Parents get to see and hear the changes that are occurring week to week. Parents are asked to participate in weekly phone calls with the primary therapist, as well as correspond with their child through video messages and letters.

The Family Spark therapeutic wilderness program is an integral part of rebuilding the family dynamic and beginning the changes that can occur after the blueFire therapeutic wilderness program experience ends.

We seldom see lasting change occur without strong family involvement.  No one exists in a vacuum; therefore, it is by the support of family members that the individual is able to carry the change that happens at blueFire onto the next chapter of their life.

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