blueFire PulsaR: A Young Adult Wilderness Therapy Program

blueFire Pulsar is a young adult wilderness therapy program for troubled young adults ages 18-28. Our program helps young men and women struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges. Through outdoor adventures, we help students address their issues and gain the tools needed to lead successful lives. Our program helps young adults discover and begin taking steps towards realizing  passions, dreams, and goals.

Wilderness Therapy For Young Adults

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blueFire PulsaR


We help young adults who seek positive change and a jump start towards happiness and success. Many of the individuals we help have struggled in the past with motivation and confidence. blueFire Pulsar combines adventure therapy, traditional therapeutic techniques, and transitional living programming to help clients point their lives in a more productive direction. Read more here>>>

Who would be a good fit for blueFire PulsaR? We help young adults who have struggled in the past with emotional and behavioral challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and low self esteem. Read more here>>>

wilderness programs for troubled young adults

Wilderness therapy is especially impactful for young adults struggling to find success.  Research shows us that young adults in wilderness therapy create “Real and practical change” that lasts after a young adult leaves the program. Read more here>>>

Wilderness and adventure therapy programs for young adults provide an alternative therapeutic setting for students to address behavioral and emotional challenges. Our adventure-based therapy program is built on an evidence-based approach that draws on the healing properties of nature to promote individual growth. Read more here>>>

The therapeutic staff at blueFire PulsaR have an extensive amount of experience working with the young adult population. They can provide the guidance and support clients need to achieve lasting success. Read more here>>>

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