Adolescent Wilderness Program

At blueFire, we believe the best way to serve clients is by separating groups by age and gender. Our experience indicates that maturity, neurodevelopment, and challenges faced by clients can be distinctly different based on age and gender. In order to address the specific needs of each client, therapeutic staff specific to these groups have an extensive amount of expertise working with specific ages/genders. Our adolescent programming works with teen girls and boys ages 11-17.

We also have a program, blueFire PulsaR, which is specifically designed for young adults ages 18-28. For more information about blueFire PulsaR visit here>>>

Wilderness Therapy for Teens

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Adolescent Wilderness

The age and gender groups at blueFire’s adolescent program are:

Younger Boys (11-15):

Our program for younger boys, which we call the “Embers Program” helps boys ages 11-15 who have struggled in the past with challenges like low self esteem, anger, trauma, school refusal and executive functioning issues. During their time with the Embers group, boys learn important communication skills, anger management skills and organizational skills. By gaining these unique skills, boys have a better chance of success after graduation. Learn more about our Embers boys program here>>> 

Teen Boys (14-17):

Teen boys are separated from the younger boys because they are in a different developmental stage than younger boys and are often dealing with other challenges. Teen boys may have begun experimenting with risky behaviors or acting out impulsively. We work closely with older boys to address these issues in an age appropriate manner. 

wilderness therapy for young girls

Teen Girls (14-17):

We work closely with teen girls ages 14-17 who struggle with behavioral and emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem, trauma, and loss. Teen girls are separated from the younger girls group because they are at a different developmental stage than younger girls and are working through a unique set of challenges and issues.

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