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Teenage mental health can be defined as a teen’s well being. The state of well being for teenage mental health to thrive is one that the individual can reach his or her full potential and acquire the coping mechanisms required to deal with stress. Teenage mental health allows teens to work productively and give back to their communities.

blueFire and teenage mental health

blueFire wilderness therapy is a wilderness program designed for teens ages 11-17 aimed at improving teenage mental health. With a comprehensive, multi dimensional clinical approach to wilderness, blueFire allows teens to discover their full potential as individuals through skills learned in the wilderness. Teenage mental health is a huge focus of blueFire and teens learn to face their inner struggles as they experience the wild.

Through a combination of advanced clinical techniques and experiential learning, blueFire helps teens with emotional and behavioral issues become empowered and conscientious of their relationships and their behavior. Teenage mental health is greatly improved during blueFire wilderness therapy due to skilled, caring staff and a comprehensive wilderness approach.


teenage mental healthA 2005 study found significant associations between mild depression during adolescence and long-term symptoms of depression into adulthood. The 1006 participants in the study were ages 17-18.

A 2015 study found that the percentage of teens receiving outpatient mental health services increased from 9.2% in 1998 to 13.3% in 2012. This increase demonstrates a push for treatment of teenage mental health in recent years.

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A new survey conducted by Yahoo! Parenting asked parents their thoughts about teenage mental health and substance abuse. They found that 65 percent of the 3100 parents they surveyed were more concerned about the teenage mental health than substance abuse issues.

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