The safety of our clients is always a priority. We introduce youth to adventure therapy while meeting or exceeding the Safety Regulations set by Idaho's Department of Health and Welfare.

blueFire offers a unique back-country therapeutic experience that is conveniently close to modern resources.

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Risk Management

All staff must pass comprehensive FBI and state background checks, drug screens, and fingerprinting.

Each field staff member participates in an intensive five day hiring seminar.

Staffing ratio within groups is 1 staff for every 4 clients, with groups of 4 or less still requiring 2 staff.

Radio, GPS texting devices, and smartphones keep groups constantly accessible for communication.

blueFire’s vehicle fleet can quickly navigate to each group’s location.

24/7 on-call Field Supervisor

Client applications and other required information are reviewed by the specific primary therapist for that group along with a member of both admissions and program teams for appropriateness.

All activities, including hikes between camps, are challenge-by-choice.

Daily calls from the field to our headquarters provide updates on each client’s medical, physical, and emotional well-being.

Each individual has a full, documented health assessment each week by a certified Wilderness First Responder.

A child with any illness, medical issue, or physical complaint that is not easily cared for in the field is immediately transported to a medical facility for care.

Clients are provided ample drinking water, well stocked food options, fresh fruits & vegetables at least twice weekly, and menus are approved by a nutritionist with increased fats in winter months. We monitor and document food and water intake of every client.

blueFire is licensed by the State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, is accredited through AEE, and has professional memberships in NATSAP and OBH.

Physical & Emotional Wellness

Daily calls from the field to our headquarters provide documented updates on each client’s medical, physical, and emotional well-being. Each individual has a weekly health assessment completed by a certified Wilderness First Responder.

Hiking must not exceed the willingness nor physical capability of the slowest member of the group.

Any grievances or reports by clients are reported to leadership and responded to immediately.

Our local medical provider’s office is open 7 days a week for any clients who require special medical services or medications.

All prescription medications are prescribed by a Medical Doctor or other qualified medical professional. Medication is administered to the clients by our trained staff, as prescribed by the medical professional.

Staff & Training

  • We have extensive and thorough hiring practices. Two interviews are conducted before an offer is given.
  • Every head instructor completes a four-week fellowship training process before assuming the role.
  • Staffing ratio within groups is one staff for every four clients, with groups of four or less still requiring two staff.
  • blueFire employs licensed clinicians and contracts with Medical, Psychiatric, and Psychological professionals.
  • Bluefire has a two week on, two week off shift change.
  • Prior to their shift, every staff member on the field team has a mandatory review of relevant policy and procedure for weather and emergencies. Clinical training is also provided by on-staff clinicians.

We provide ongoing mandatory training for direct care staff to upgrade and maintain their skills, certifications, and licenses. Training is comprehensive to teach skills staff need to keep clients physically, emotionally, and relationally safe.


Specific interventions in the treatment plans of each client.

Behavior management including safety, de-escalation, and conflict resolution.

Report writing, including development and maintenance of logs and journals.

Special instructions for staff who supervise and conduct adventure activities.


Safety procedures adapted to clients within each group.

First aid kit contents and use training.

Every head instructor completes medication administration training.

Sanitation procedures related to food, water, and waste.

Food cooking, preparation, management and conservation.

Medical care is on hand at all times.


Safe use of fuel, fire, and life protection.

Precautions and protocol for terrain, weather, insects, poisonous plants, and wildlife.

While each group has a Global Positioning System (GPS), navigation skills including map, contour, and compass use are required for field staff members.

Low-impact expedition and conservation skills

Daily Life

Our staff work a two-week on, two-week off schedule allowing them to build a rapport that leads to strong relationships with clients.

At least one staff member per group must have a current Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certificate. As these courses are offered to all staff there is often more than one certified WFR per group.

An on-staff wellness coach teaches clients mindfulness, recipes, overall wellness, and healthy eating habits.

Hiking is encouraged but groups only do so if everyone agrees. All activities and adventures are Challenge By Choice.

Clients are provided clean laundry each week, including six pairs of wool socks and undergarments.

All gear is rated for weather and changes for the season.

Base camps consist of yurts and/or large canvas wall tents or Geodesic domes with wood stoves. In the summertime our clients use single person backpacking tents.

Every base camp is supplied with a multi-burner propane cooktop. Pots and pans are cleaned daily, fresh fruits and vegetables are provided twice per week. Additional supplies are provided when requested.

Clients have three meals a day and are provided with ample supplies of food and water. Nutrition is planned out to match individuals’ body type, weather, and activity.

Clients have opportunity to bathe several times each week and are encouraged to wash their body daily.

Clients spend four nights a week in their base camps and three nights a week on Adventures and Expeditions. In the winter hikes are from heated shelter to heated shelter.

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We are proud to offer a wide variety of adventure activities which may include the following:

  • Hiking; rock climbing and rappelling; bouldering; winter camping; cross-country skiing; snowshoeing: spelunking; mountain biking; and white water rafting.

Each Adventure Activities Leader is required to have documented training and experience in conducting the planned adventure activity.

Each group must be equipped with a GPS Global Positioning System system for communications on all expeditions.

No hiking occurs when the temperature is above ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit for client safety.

Groups do not hike if any client is unwilling or unable to hike.

Per Idaho regulations and blueFire guidelines, all guides are licensed to operate on the land through Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association.