blueFire is a Wilderness Therapy Program that is proven effective in treating a variety of complex mental health issues. Studies have shown wilderness therapy is a thriving clinical modality for those who have exhausted traditional forms of treatment.

Clients within a Wilderness Treatment model leave behind environments that are often unstable or unsafe, finding space and time to heal in a natural setting.

Mental Health Problems that blueFire Helps with:

( This list is not all-inclusive )

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes


blueFire Wilderness Outcomes


blueFire Wilderness Outcomes


blueFire Wilderness Outcomes


blueFire Wilderness Outcomes


blueFire Wilderness Outcomes

Executive Functioning

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes

Dysregulated Moods

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes


We ask all clients and their parents or guardians to complete an evidence-based and internationally used questionnaire called the Youth Outcome Questionnaire (Y-OQ 2.0). This questionnaire measures a client’s level of functioning in:

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes
  • Intrapersonal Distress
  • Somatic Distress
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Social Problems
  • Behavioral Dysfunction
  • Related Critical Items

This data is collected from both parents and clients:

  • Upon Admission
  • Upon Graduation
  • 6 Months Post-Graduation
  • 12 Months Post-Graduation

Decreasing scores indicate improved mental wellness.

blueFire Wilderness Outcome Data

In accordance with the Y-OQ's Reliable Change Index (RCI):

Scores that decrease by 18 points indicate lasting, positive change.

blueFire parents report a


decrease in dysfunction
than what was measured at admission.

blueFire clients report a


decrease in dysfunction
than what was measured at admission.

blueFire's Y-OQ Outcomes
indicate 2x the change
needed to show lasting
clinical progress.

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes

12 Months

Results from surveys taken a year post-graduation show continual improvement.

Clients are able to maintain and build upon the progress they gained at blueFire.

Studies show that nature itself has therapeutic benefits.

Nature helps blueFire clients:

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes

Reduce Stress Levels

Getting outside naturally helps lower anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and the production of stress hormones.

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes

Get Creative

Outdoor activities spark creative thoughts through visual, physical, or mental inspiration.

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes

Improve Physical Health

Rock climbing, rafting, hiking —all our adventure activities improve our physical and mental health by releasing positive hormones.

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes

Boost Mood

Getting sunshine and fresh air promotes the production of serotonin which boosts your mood naturally.

blueFire Wilderness Outcomes

Be Present

Less electronic stimulation promotes mindfulness, relaxation, and connection, reducing anxiety and stress.

Research on nature's benefit

We benefit from “high quality” nature spaces (Nature Research Report, 2021)

How spending time in nature benefits mental health

Hear what our clients say about our program:


Jeff, Father

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 3, 2015

My experience with BlueFire has been great! It seems like everyone there is very passionate about helping kids and working with families. Also, the location is awesome! Couldn’t wish for a better place for a campus.

- Jeff, Father

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