Repairing Families

Bringing Families Back Together Through Family Adventure

It is always gratifying and heartwarming when our families see their child for the first time at the end of the program. There is a reconnection that can only be achieved through an effective wilderness treatment process.

It might be hard to imagine at this moment, but this moment could be yours. Imagine replacing guilt, fear and shame with feelings of excitement, pride and hope.

This is the power of the wilderness experience. This is the power of blueFire.

The blueFire Family Model

Unlike other wilderness programs, our family systems model of treatment includes the whole family so that when the child returns home, the systems are going to be in place for the child to be successful.

It is an important part of a teen’s journey to share the experience with their parents. At blueFire wilderness treatment center, we help repair the family dynamic with careful communication policy that blends one way communication such as letters, videos and emails. This communication allows parents, children and siblings time to gather thoughts and replaces emotional reactions with reasoned reactions.

We then move to shared phone calls and teleconferences where families can reconnect and reform the bond and trust that might be lacking. This two-way communication provides families to face varying issues in a therapeutic and helpful manner.

Throughout the process, blueFire staff is helping your child and helping repair the family dynamic.

We establish a fresh, new common ground to help support a fresh, new start for the parent/child. Parents see their child’s growth, progress and maturity. Teens feel confident in their transformed level of independence and personal skills. Spending quality time together without the distraction of technology and work/school stressors is often the single most powerful factor in creating these strong connections.

When a child transitions to a longer-term setting, our team at blueFire believes the family work is equally relevant and necessary. Coming home is the ultimate goal and for some clients, that will be after completing an appropriate longer term setting. Repairing families remains our top priority.

Together, Your Family Will Learn:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Team work
  • Empathy
  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding
  • Family service

blueFire Wilderness Therapy recognizes the challenges your teen is struggling with did not occur overnight, and with our decades of experience we certainly understand a lifetime of changes do not occur overnight either. blueFire offers an intensive, instructive shift in creating new, healthier habits and behaviors. Together with the family back home, it is incredible to witness the changes that can occur in only a few short months at blueFire.

“I have become self-sufficient when I need to be but I’ve also learned how to ask for help when needed and to be okay with imperfections.”
Anonymous Client

To learn more about the changes we have seen with teens and young adults over the years in a wilderness setting, and to better understand how blueFire can help your child, please call us toll free at 844-413-1999.  We look forward to hearing from you.