BlueFire Wilderness Team

With the clinic’s family oriented policies and extremely caring and sympathetic staff, we ensure that each patient is made to feel at home and well looked after at all stages of life. Keeping a cheerful staff and a relaxed ambiance, we strive to make each patient as comfortable and happy as possible.

We're Open 24/7 and patients are encouraged to book appointments with us at their own convenient time and spend the minimum time waiting. We pride ourselves on our prompt service. Experience our service and care once, and we are confident of becoming your exclusive choice.

  • Kathy Rex, CTRS
    Kathy Rex, CTRS
    Executive Director / Co-Founder
  • Reid Treadaway
    Reid Treadaway
    Director of Admissions / Co-Founder
  • Jon Worbets, MA LCPC
    Jon Worbets, MA LCPC
    Therapist / Co-Founder
  • Charles Hancock, LCPC
    Charles Hancock, LCPC
  • Mark Ellis, LCSW
    Mark Ellis, LCSW
    Embers Therapist
  • John Cohen, LCPC
    John Cohen, LCPC
    Primary Therapist
  • Lindsay Myrick, LCPC
    Lindsay Myrick, LCPC
    Primary Therapist
  • Jeremy Chiles, PhD
    Jeremy Chiles, PhD
    Consulting Psychologist
  • Tom Boley
    Tom Boley
    Adventure Director
  • Johnny Urrutia
    Johnny Urrutia
    Equine Specialist
  • Dave Sparks
    Dave Sparks
    Academic Director
  • Morri Fager
    Morri Fager
  • Heidi Brown
    Heidi Brown
    Psychiatric Consultant
  • Travis Scheele
    Travis Scheele
    Program Director
  • Odessa Magnelli
    Odessa Magnelli
    Office Manager
  • Tawnie Telle
    Tawnie Telle
    HR/Recruiting Supervisor