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Family Testimonials

No matter the questions, concerns, or thoughts I’ve had, they were always answered and addressed. Very nice and friendly”   

– Byrna, Mother


“The blueFire staff demonstrated compassion and deep experience guiding my family through this healing journey. I really liked the balance of sensitivity and strong accountability the therapists applied while coaching my son through the program.”  

– Cindy, Mother


“blueFire is a soft, yet bittersweet memory, in the context of the toughest moments, BF provided some of the most loving moments I ever shared with my daughter.” 

– Laurie, Mother


“Our son has seen many therapists over the years; James gained more insight into our son than any of them, and helped him make a ton of progress. We think the world of James.” 

– John, Father


We are so grateful and impressed with our therapist’s work and couldn’t expect anyone better or a better process to have helped our son.” 

– Nancy, Mother


“Trust all is well with you and friends at blueFire. Blake is doing well and readjusting to life back home. We are pleased to report we are holding our nightly family meetings and seem to be building on an open relationship. We have had a couple minor bumps but none I’d say are alarming rather just mildly concerning.  We have discussed the issues with Blake while reinforcing the positive progress and changes. He misses the outdoors and friendships and talks of them often. On his own, he has finally shaved and plans to get a haircut tonight. Yeah!”

Allison, Mother


“Family Spark was a great connection for us as adults to openly discuss our challenges and fears.” 

– Carol, Mother


“Jon is the best therapist I have ever encountered in my life. He is extremely knowledgeable, effective and is a large part of the reason for Niki’s healing. He’s a gem.” 

– Heather, Mother


“Family Spark was a critical component to our family’s development and growth.” 

Eric, Father


“Hello friends at blueFire. Just a quick update on Kathryn…she will be coming home tomorrow for five days for her first home visit since she left us almost 11 months ago. (She knows she has been approved for a home visit within the next 40 days, but not that Craig is showing up tomorrow at 9AM to bring her home.) This visit would not be happening if it weren’t for all the good counseling, work and support Kathryn, Craig and I received from you and the rest of the staff at blueFire.”

 – Jennifer, Mother


“I have had the opportunity to place a handful of kids at blueFire this summer. Although it was somewhat a leap of faith, I strongly believed in all the people at the helm of the program. Despite the newness of the program, it ran as a well oiled ship. Jon Worbetts proved to be an amazing clinician in the woods, striking the perfect balance of strength and softness. All of the boys I sent to blueFire thrived, one even asking to transition to a therapeutic boarding school when given the chance to come home. I can’t say enough good things about the structure, support and supervision and am thrilled to have it as an option.”  

– Educational Consultant


“For me, sending my son to blueFire was a big leap of faith. It turned out much better than I could have ever hoped or imagined.”

– Robert, Father


“I can write a long testimonial of praise for blueFire and will work on that task. However, as Jon has asked me several times, can you bring together your thoughts to a simple sentence or statement. I can, and that statement would be, “We, as parents trust in blueFire.” Eternally thankful for the work you do!” 

– Frank and Sheila P. , Parents


“Emma is doing really well.  She made it to Level 2 last week.  Yipeeee!!!  She likes it there and is motivated to do well. We are thrilled.  We credit you all at Blue Fire for helping her get out of the slump she was in.” 

– Doralee, Mother


“Reid (Owner/Admissions Director) was extremely supportive and spent lots of time talking to me. The program was much closer to an outward bound experience than I anticipated.  The counseling was exactly as he described it, excellent.” 

– Maria, Mother


“blueFire Wilderness has consistently hit it out of the park for my clients.  Their therapists are highly skilled and caring, and the program is run expertly. They go out of their way to insure the highest quality experience for my families and me. I highly recommend Blue Fire!” 

– Educational Consultant

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