blueFire Staff Day in the Life

Here’s what a day in the life of a field staff member looks like, told from the perspective of one of our current field guides:

adventure therapy on the west coastEach day begins with getting up 30 minutes before the kids. Then, I wake them up and help them get ready for the day. We do morning meds and then transition into breakfast. Breakfast is  a great ritual and helps everyone fuel up for the day's activities.

If we’re having a base camp day, we then get ready for when therapists show up and plan things to do while the therapists spend the day with the kids.  If the group is on expedition, they do morning group sessions or meditation, then after our expedition activities, we find a spot for lunch. While on adventure, we may be all over Southern Idaho.

In the afternoon, the kids work on their curriculum/assignments/hard skills and we check in to see how everyone is doing. As field staff, we often help them complete their therapeutic assignments. If it’s an adventure day, kids work on their therapeutic assignments until dinner time. Once dinner is ready, they wash hands, prep and eat dinner.

Following dinner, we clean up and carry out kitchen duties.  The kids actually enjoy helping out and are responsible for a lot of the cleanup. At an evening circle, we all go around and share how the day went. We follow that up with the overall layout of the evening and prepare for the next day.

In the end we are helping and guiding these young people to find meaning and direction in their lives.

The 5 things I love the most about my job are:

  • The interactions I have with the kids
  • Going on adventures
  • Working with the staff
  • Working with the therapists
  • 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

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