In our previous blog, we discussed the negative effects of nature deficit disorder and the societal changes that are encouraging them. Outward bound summer programs focus on wilderness ventures and outdoor education, and have been proven to combat the negative effects. By teaching teens the importance of the natural world, allowing them to experience freedom in the wilderness ventures and providing holistic healing, teens become more confident and productive.

Adolescents who spend time outdoors through wilderness ventures have:

  • Longer attention spans
  • More creativity
  • Higher levels of self-confidence
  • Higher standardized test scores
  • Greater academic success
  • Improved self-discipline
  • Rewarding peer relationships

Learn in nature, not about nature

We can teach teens about conservancy and protecting the world around them, yet if they do not have the buy in, it will not truly sink in. Spending time observing the interdependent life cycles of the natural world shows teens why conservancy is so important.
It also offers an obvious metaphor for human dependence on one another. What they do matters and affects everyone around them. Though troubled teens are often consumed with their own needs and feelings, through connection with nature, they begin to understand the impact they have on friends and family.

Multi-day wilderness ventures

blueFire uses three to four day wilderness venture treks to challenge teens in a supportive environment. By spending a few days on a hiking expedition, kayaking trip or volunteer service, teens are pushed outside of their comfort zones. With staff there to assist and teach, teens rise to the challenges.

They learn from their mistakes, such as taking a shorter but more challenging path; celebrate their success, such as starting a campfire by themselves; and learn to accept what is out of their control, such as an unforeseen thunderstorm.

If your teen is experiencing issues with social development, depression or low self-esteem, wilderness ventures will likely have a long-lasting positive impact on his or her life.

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