Many wilderness therapy programs are set up like boot camps, where the emphasis is on outdoor survival skills and discipline. While these programs help teens get out of their comfort zone and connect with the natural environment, they focus on compliance rather than deep self-discovery. blueFire Wilderness Therapy stands out from other programs for their emphasis on adventure-based activities designed to help teens challenge negative beliefs and internalize change. We believe that Wilderness Therapy is a tool for teaching teens to live a meaningful life based on their core values. 

What are Core Values?

Core values are fundamental beliefs that shape personal goals. While everyone shares core needs, actions are motivated by individual values. Some values may change over time as teens evaluate what it important to them and what they want to work on, but they adopt core beliefs early on in life based on their sense of security and attachment. As every teen has individual strengths, abilities, and desires, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Rather than focusing on problem behaviors, we focus on helping teens find their “inner blue fire.” The blue part of a flame is the hottest part and represents the core and the passion that exists in all of us. While we can’t always change external situations and stressors that teens face, we recognize that we can teach them skills to build confidence and emotional resilience. 

Empowering Choice

Teens play an active role in developing a treatment plan based on issues they want to work on and values they want to “carry with them.” We understand that many teens have a difficult time adjusting to a new environment and are initially hesistant about professional helps, but giving them the autonomy to make their own choices about their lives helps them regain control over problem behaviors. It is common for traditional treatment centers to follow standard protocols promoting healthier behaviors. However, when teens feel powerless about making decisions, they are more likely to mimic the desired behaviors in order to speed up the process without internalizing the benefits these coping skills offer. 

Wilderness therapy allows us to focus on underlying issues rather than problem behaviors. We believe that we all have one bag and we get to choose what we carry around in it. We have daily choices about what we carry with us through our life journey.

  • Are we going to choose to carry all the negative “stuff” we have experienced? Are we going to carry the anger, sadness, guilt and shame?
  • Or are we going to choose to carry the positive things we have experienced? Are we going to carry compassion, love, understanding and self-acceptance?

The Power of Adventure-Based Wilderness Therapy

Through adventure activities, like backpacking, rock climbing, paddling, and mountain biking, some of the core values teens work on and develop may include:

  • Confidence
  • Adaptability
  • Responsibility
  • Healthy risk-taking
  • Independence
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Vulnerability
  • Wisdom

Blue Fire Wilderness Can Help 

blueFire Wilderness Therapy is an adventure-based program for teens ages 11-17 who struggle with addictive behaviors. Wilderness therapy removes students from the distraction of peers, devices, and demands of life and allow them to heal in a supportive and nurturing environment. Clients will be able to focus on themselves and become more aware of their troubling behaviors. BlueFire gives them the skills and tools they need to combat these behaviors and be on their way to a happy and healthy life. 

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