In not knowing how to deal with emotions or knowing what it means to recenter, teens resort to negative, at risk behaviors. Wilderness programs for teens give your troubled son or daughter space and time to learn personal responsibility, while receiving the therapy they need from trained professionals.


Nature’s immense benefits for troubled teens

A study by University of Essex concluded that taking a walk outside, in the sunlight, reduced depression and anxiety in 71% of the participants. Just spending 5 minutes outside with light activity boosts overall mood and well-being. Wilderness programs for teens provide a natural prescription to depression and emotional issues in troubled teens (not to mention the onsite therapy).
Nature’s benefits in blueFire Wilderness Program include:

  • Consistent sleeping habits
  • Increased physical health
  • Learning life skills
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Confidence and empowerment in overcoming challenges

Physical Activity

Instead of staying at home on their ipads and laptops, wilderness programs for teens give teens the opportunity to be active. Being more physically active, troubled teens learn to cope with anger in other ways than physical outbursts. They learn that physical health and mental health go hand in hand. When transitioned back home, they will be able to use physical activity as an alternative to negative peer activities.

Lessons learned

“Natural spaces stimulate children’s imaginations and creativity, and playing outdoors enhances cognitive flexibility, problem-solving ability, and self-discipline.” (

When an adolescent participates in a wilderness program, they face struggles: physical and mental, external and internal. They learn to overcome those challenges and gain self-confidence, realize their potential, and begin to think on their own. Wilderness programs for teens teach them lessons that they can apply to all aspects of their lives.

Wilderness Programs For Teens Help Break Trends and Habits

Most teens do not spend a lot of time outside, let alone away from the comforts of technology, influential peers and learned patterns. When in their usual environment, troubled teens have go-to defenses when dealing with authority figures: anger, defiance, physical rage. Wilderness programs for teens help adolescents out of their element, removes typical defenses, and allows them to open up.

Contact Us To Learn More

Wilderness programs for teens use nature to help your teen disconnect and overcome negative thoughts and behaviors, improving themselves and relationships. To help your troubled teen overcome emotional struggles, get rid of dangerous behaviors, and reunite your family, call a supportive admissions member today at 1-844-413-1999 to learn more about blueFire Wilderness.


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