There are many factors to consider when choosing a wilderness program for struggling teenagers. Safety, therapy, and respect are cornerstones of what a wilderness program for struggling teenagers should offer your child. But that’s only the beginning. At its best, the perfect wilderness program for struggling teenagers can provide your child with an individualized experience that will last with them for a lifetime. Such programs can help your child repair relationships, form friendships, and generally have a great time while getting better. 

A wilderness program for struggling teenagers utilizes nature to assist your child. By offering a holistic approach (one that simultaneously targets body, mind, and spirit), wilderness therapy ensures that your child’s issues are addressed from within. Frequently, therapy is focused on simply suppressing symptoms; with the wilderness approach, however, the underlying causes for a problem are bettered. Moreover, an inextricable component of wilderness therapy is healing a child’s environment. By allowing your teen to return to a healthy lifestyle, the wilderness approach helps make positive change permanent.

Benefits of Choosing a Wilderness Program for Struggling Teenagers

Mental illness. Substance experimentation. Stress. Wilderness therapy is designed to help struggling teenagers with a seemingly endless list of issues. Some teens have battled their issues for years; others have only recently begun. At a wilderness program, there is no problem too small. Regardless of the damage caused by your child’s struggles, wilderness therapy can help gently guide them back onto a healthy path. In many situations, a child who enters wilderness therapy has strained relationships with the family; by the time the program is over, broken bonds are often repaired and become stronger than ever.

One of the most important benefits of sending your child to a wilderness program is the fact that as soon as your child enters, they become part of the family. Everyone in a wilderness program is genuinely invested in making your child better – your child is more than a mere “patient”. The wilderness approach doesn’t want to change what makes your child unique; instead, it strives to help your child learn new skills and reevaluate the negative choices they have made. By allowing time for self-discovery, wilderness therapy encourages a child to truly understand what makes them special.

blueFire Can Help

blueFire is a wilderness therapy program for struggling teens, ages 11 to 17. Our students often grapple with issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and substance use.

For more information about blueFire Wilderness, please call 1 (844) 413-1999 today!

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