Dr. Paul Goddard, PhD – Primary Therapist

Dr. Paul Goddard, primary therapist at blueFire Wilderness, presented a Continuing Education Course designed to equip educational consultants, counselors, therapists, and others individuals with early teen girls with the knowledge and tools necessary to address the unique challenges they faced after the COVID-19 pandemic. By understanding the underlying thoughts, beliefs, and emotions expressed through their actions, professionals can better support these girls in navigating depression, anxiety, social media addiction, and more.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Early Teen Girls:

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted crucial developmental milestones for young girls, leading to increased rates of psychological and emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. Isolation, reliance on social media, and the loss of in-person therapy and mentoring further exacerbated their struggles. In his course, Dr. Goddard emphasized the need for professionals and parents to recognize the silent cries for help expressed through behaviors like school refusal, anger/rage, and low self-worth.

Supporting Young Teen Girls:

Dr. Goddard’s course focused on essential considerations for assessments, interventions, placements, and family support when working with young teens. The negative impact of excessive screen time and interrupted development can be addressed through a holistic approach that combines in-person therapy, mentoring, and family involvement. Professionals can empower these young individuals to reclaim their hopes and dreams by restoring confidence, self-efficacy, and dignity.

The Journey to Recovery:

Dr. Goddard’s expertise lies in working specifically with young biological females aged 11-15, aiming to rebuild their self-esteem and foster a sense of empowerment. Through therapeutic interventions, he guides them to discover their inner strength and break free from societal expectations. The course emphasized the importance of family involvement and provided strategies to rebuild relationships and create a supportive environment for healing.

Dr. Paul Goddard offers invaluable insights and practical guidance for professionals working with early teen girls in the aftermath of COVID-19. By listening to their actions, understanding their underlying emotions, and providing targeted support, we can empower these remarkable individuals to overcome challenges and reclaim their futures. Together, let’s navigate the complexities of post-COVID life and help young girls thrive again.

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