Teen marijuana use is a threat to your teen’s wellbeing. Marijuana is the drug of choice for teens everywhere. It’s easily accessible and it’s thought, by many teens, to be a “safe drug”. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Just like alcohol, marijuana can cause damage to your teen’s academic capabilities, body, and future. It’s something to take extremely seriously.

Catching your teen with marijuana

Marijuana use in teens is so prevalent that teens have gotten good at hiding their marijuana use from adults. If you catch your teen using marijuana, here are a few steps you should take:

  1. If your teen is found using marijuana with friends, immediately call their friend’s parents. This will embarrass your teen, which is a strong motivator for a lot of adolescents. Let the parents of your teen’s friends know that you do not want your teen hanging out with their child for awhile. Peer pressure is most likely the reason why your teen partakes in teen marijuana use. 
    teen marijuana use
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  2. If you have a good relationship with your teen, you need to let them know that this event has damaged your trust in them and they’ll need to work hard to regain your trust. Start implementing restrictions such as not being allowed to be home alone without adult supervision or an early curfew. These restrictions will make life hard for your teen and make them not want to smoke marijuana.
  3. Talk to your teen about their decision to smoke marijuana in the first place. Question them as to what made them want to smoke. Ask them if they have any other friends who smoke, and how smoking makes them feel. Then talk about your own experiences with marijuana.
  4. Compare the dangers of marijuana now versus how dangerous marijuana was when you were your teen’s age.  If your teen doesn’t believe marijuana use is dangerous, tell them about all the harmful things people put in marijuana nowadays. When your teen lights up, it’s likely they don’t actually know what they are smoking. Marijuana is oftentimes mixed with PCP, embalming fluids, and other harmful chemicals that can damage your teen’s health permanently.
  5. Be extremely clear with your teen that you don’t approve of their drug use. They may not be clear about your opinion of drug use. They need to know your views on the matter in order to understand how disappointed you are in them.

Signs of teen marijuana use

If you haven’t yet caught your teen smoking pot but you suspect they may be involved in teen marijuana use, look out for the following signs:

  • A strange, herb-like smell coming from their clothes, hair, and belongings
  • Finding drug paraphernalia like pipes, rolling papers, and lighters
  • If your teen complains of a dry mouth often, it may be because they are smoking
  • Your teen is telling you long, complicated stories that don’t make any sense
  • Having bottles of Visine in their possession at all times. Marijuana causes eyes to  redden, which many teens hide with Visine

blueFire Wilderness can help

If your teen is out of control, consider sending them to a wilderness therapy program. blueFire Wilderness helps teens ages 11-17 struggling with emotional and behavioral difficulties. For more information, please call 1 (844) 413-1999.

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