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Arguably the most important aspect of therapy for troubled teens is changing how they think about themselves. Most teens that come to a wilderness venture camp struggle with depression, anxiety and emotional issues revolving around low self-esteem. As teens begin to see how they matter and how much they can accomplish, their thoughts and behaviors experience immense positive change. Surprisingly though, helping teens focus on others and not themselves might also be beneficial for struggling teens.

Volunteering during a wilderness venture

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. -Winston Churchill

Unlike some camps, blueFire uses volunteering included in their treatment, alongside group, individual and family therapy.
During some of the wilderness ventures away from base camp, your son or daughter will have the opportunity to serve others. Types of service projects include:

  • Trail maintenance & building
  • Collecting seeds for spring planting
  • Planting seeds in fire restoration areas
  • Removing graffiti on rock formations
  • Assisting fish & game department

Volunteering helps teens

A troubled teen is used to having a negative impact on those around them. They are perceptive in knowing that their yelling and rebellion often causes a mood change for their parents or siblings. They will use that impact to hopefully get what they are wanting: a later curfew, control of the TV, etc. They often forget that they can also positively impact others. Volunteering allows teens in wilderness venture camps to better relate to others by becoming aware of their own impact.
Teens in our program might also experience some of the following while volunteering on a wilderness venture:

  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Elevated mood from increased physical activity
  • Renewed motivation
  • Development of social skills

How you can help your child volunteer at home

Either before sending your child to a wilderness ventures camp or after they return home, setting a volunteer schedule at home will help your son or daughter continue to see their impact on others and feel better about themselves. The easiest way to get your teen involved in serving others is to pick an activity they already enjoy. If they love cooking, have them help a soup kitchen serve dinner one night. If your teenager enjoys sports, have them help with a children’s soccer camp.Even the smallest act can make an enormous difference in the lives of those we help.
To learn more about blueFire’s wilderness ventures camp, contact a staff member today by visiting our website at www.bluefirewilderness.com or calling 844-413-1999.


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