Rising Rates Of Depression In Teens

Teen depression is
on the rise–but if you watch or read the news, you probably already knew that piece of information. The treatment for teen depression is needed now more than ever. The questions we all have are why is it rising and how can we help stop it? In treatment for teen depression, we use a host of ways to help our students learn to cope and deal with depression in a healthy way. Everything from wilderness therapy to group therapy to equine therapy to the correct medication is used to help these teens get back on their feet.

Treatment for teen depression is needed now more than ever

Because depression in adolescents is increasing alarmingly, treatment for teen depression is needed now more than ever–especially for girls. Many researchers believe the rise may be rooted in the addition of mobile technology to daily life. Instead of bullying occurring solely in the schoolyard, it’s now anywhere at anytime online–and it’s anonymous. Cyberbullying is becoming a huge issue and it’s not something to be underestimated, in some cases it has driven students to self-harm, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and even deadly outcomes.

Aside from cyberbullying, our children are more connected to the violence and mayhem in the world than ever before. While it’s necessary for teens to understand the world around them, without guidance the outside world can seem like a dreary and depressing place if you focus on negative news. In wilderness treatment for teen depression, we often focus on helping teens develop a healthy, responsible relationship with the technology of today’s world.

Why wilderness therapy is effective for mental health struggles

In the modern-day American home, teenagers spend a very small amount of time in nature. Usually, their life is centered around assignments, exams, college preparation, extracurricular activities, school sports, and their social life–with almost no time to rest and process. Even during the summer things can be stressful with sports training, tutoring, and school reading. All of that can become extremely overwhelming for some students, leading to issues like depression.
In wilderness therapy, we take students out of this high-stress, fast-moving, intense setting and immerse them in a nurturing, calm, wilderness environment. Just the stark contrast between the two places is often enough for a teen to begin to focus on healing themselves. In the wilderness therapy environment, students are allowed the opportunity to stop and actually access how they’re feeling.
The combination of the power of nature with evidence-based therapy is a strong treatment for teen depression that has changed the lives of many students.

blueFire can help your family

blueFire Wilderness is a wilderness therapy program that offers treatment for teen depression, bullying, anxiety, ADHD, and other emotional or behavioral problems. Our students are between the ages of 11 and 17. We understand that this is a difficult and confusing time for the whole family, but we’re here to guide you through it. At blueFire, we strive to help each client find their inner confidence and succeed.
For more information about treatment for teen depression at blueFire Wilderness, please call 1 (844) 413-1999 today.

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