Are you feeling stressed? Losing focus? Experiencing sadness? Well, look no further … outdoor therapy can be just the answer. Take a 30-minute walk outside, look at the sky, the trees and the flowers, and then, see how you feel when you are done. You probably feel better don’t you? There’s a reason for that! When you walk, your body releases chemicals known as endorphins. When endorphins are released, it causes a positive feeling in the body, increasing feelings of happiness and decreasing stress levels.

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Outdoor therapy holistically heals

Physical activity alone can help reduce stress levels and increase feelings of happiness. However, the benefits of physical activity are not why I suggested that you take a stroll outside. In fact, it’s not just the walking that makes those 30 minutes an effective stress reduction tool, it’s also the nature. That’s right, being outside is healthy! It’s outdoor therapy.

Outdoor activities can help people relax, reduce stress and instill a sense of wellbeing. –

According to, a clear link has been identified between spending time in an outdoor environment and improved levels of physical, mental and social health. Natural environments, away from everyday stressors, allow for people to distance themselves from routine activities. This allows for better concentration on one’s own self as an individual, as well as creates a space where one can focus on interpersonal relationships, personal healing and personal growth.
Outdoor therapy takes this natural environment and combines that with an effective clinical therapeutic approach. This combination can lead to true life-long change for many individuals, especially those struggling with mental, social and emotional disorders.

blueFire offers outdoor therapy as alternative healing method

At blueFire Wilderness Therapy, we believe in the health benefits of outdoor therapy. We work tirelessly to utilize natural benefits when helping teens heal and grow. Throughout our programs, teens can explore the outdoors, themselves and their potential in a supervised environment. blueFire is so much more than a 30-minute walk in the woods.
Call us today, at 844-413-1999, if you are interested in learning more about how we use outdoor therapy as a healing method.

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