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“It helps you with everything else in the rest of your life, so I see myself continuing it because it empowers me, and because it helps me to express my emotions and just be calm, even though that’s not the main thing – it’s self awareness.” — Jalia, a high school student

What is Mindfulness?

According to the University of California, mindfulness means paying attention to the moment at hand and being aware of your emotions, thoughts and surrounding environment. It’s also being able to accept your thoughts and feelings without judgment. When you practice mindfulness, you focus on the matter at hand, and let the stressors of the past and future go.

Practicing Mindfulness Can Help

With the growing popularity of mindfulness practices, medical professionals have begun extensive research on the effects and benefits of mindfulness. Many recent studies have deduced that practicing mindfulness has the ability to improve overall health and wellness.

Here’s just a few ways practicing mindfulness can help your struggling teen:

  • Multiple studies have discovered that practicing mindfulness can decrease negative emotions and stress while increasing positive emotions. One study actually found that mindfulness had the same effect on people with depression as antidepressants.
  • Practicing mindfulness can improve memory and attention skills. In a recent study, practicing mindfulness was used as an ADHD treatment, which was as effective as medication.
  • A study, in a few schools, that taught students to be mindful has found that the rate of aggression and disruptive behavior among students decreased significantly when taught how to be mindful while overall happiness and well-being rose.

Mindfulness and Your Struggling Teen

For teens struggling with behavioral issues, such as anxiety and depression, mindfulness alone might not be enough. At blueFire Wilderness Therapy, we combine practicing mindfulness with adventure and wilderness-based therapy to get true results for your child. We use multiple evidence-based therapeutic approaches to fit the unique needs of your struggling teen.
Call us today, at 844-413-1999, to learn more about how blueFire Wilderness Therapy teaches the benefits of practicing mindfulness, and how we can help your struggling teen.


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