So, your teen just got expelled from school and now you’re thinking frantically: “Now what?”
Traditional schools settings don’t work for every student. Sometimes traditional schools just aren’t equipped to help those students reach their full potential. Clients fall through the cracks; the ones with learning differences, anxiety, or other challenges.
They feel like there’s no way to succeed so they get into fights, they skip class, they act out–all because school isn’t a place of learning for them, it’s a place that’s failed them. For these students, there are other options. Expulsion isn’t the end of the road, it can just be the turn onto a new path.

Now what? There are options.

For parents of a child that just got expelled, anxiety runs pretty high. Confusion, disappointment, fear–emotions are flying everywhere. You’re confused why this is happening to your family, you’re disappointed in the school system and your teen’s behavior, and you’re afraid of what the next step is–if there’s a next step.
There is a next step.
Within a given year, around 100,000 students are expelled. All 100,000 of those students don’t just stop going to school, there’s certainly a next step. There’s many next steps.

Wilderness therapy as an option

Programs like blueFire Wilderness often have students that were expelled from their previous schools. Traditional settings just hadn’t seemed to be getting anywhere with them.
Some struggle because they’re not challenged enough, they get bored and turn to unsavory forms of stimulation like drugs and alcohol. Others struggle because they’ve been battling their learning difference this entire time but it was never diagnosed so they just thought they were incompetent students.
School should be a place of learning about different subjects and your inner self. The adolescent years are some of the most foundational years of our lives, making them incredibly important. Having an adverse school experience can have a huge impact on that foundation.
Wilderness programs like ours offer not only academic support, but therapeutic support as well. The goal is to get students to discover their inner potential for success and wellness–this often unlocks an excitement for learning. Once your teen understands themselves better and has the chance to be taught by someone who understands their needs, school becomes a place of learning again. Not a place of failure.
We can confidently tell you that expulsion isn’t the end of the world. Sure, it’s a setback, but it can be overcome with the right help and guidance.

blueFire Wilderness is here for your family

blueFire Wilderness is a wilderness therapy program for teens. We help teens, ages 11 to 17, grappling with depression, ADHD, anxiety, defiance, and other emotional or behavioral problems.
At blueFire, we strive to help each client find their inner confidence and succeed. We believe that through a balance of self-assessment, insight oriented therapy, outdoor living, adventure activities and academic focus these teens will find their true selves. We provide a supportive opportunity for parents and children to reconnect and strengthen their relationship.
For more information about how we help at blueFire Wilderness, please call 1 (844) 413-1999 today.

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