OCD in youth

Understanding OCD in Youth

Mental illness is extremely common within our society, but people often forget that mental illness is something that effects both adults and youth. Due to the stigma of mental illness, many people do not openly discuss or understand the variety of common mental illnesses individuals struggle with. This lack of acknowledgment—which leads to a lack …

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E-cigarettes: The Effects of Teen Vaping

The Rise of E-cigarettes and the Negative Effects of Teen Vaping When cigarettes were invented they were all the rage, everyone smoked frequently, and it was often uncommon to know someone who didn’t smoke. Smoking was a harmless social activity, and many people believed that cigarettes had added benefits—like weight loss and (ironically) throat protection …

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stress management techniques

Stress Management Techniques

Parenting Tips: Stress Management Techniques for Your Teens When you’re a teenager, you have absolutely no idea who you are. You’re in one of the many stages of your life, where you’re discovering what your interests are, how to be a good friend, or what having your heart broken feels like. These experiences or teenage …

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Cyberbullying in Teens

Prince Williams Plea Against Cyberbullying in Teens Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, recently released a statement about cyberbullying in teens at the Founders Forum, a technology conference that took place last week. As a father of two, he urged the audience full of chairmen of Google and Twitter, to address the issues of cyberbullying in …

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symptoms of depression in teens

Symptoms of Depression in Teens

Is Depression “Contagious?”: Symptoms of Depression in Teens Many youth and adults today, do not have a great general understanding of mental illnesses. Some have no idea how mental illnesses develop, how to recognize symptoms or treatment options available. While mental illness is not contagious, symptoms of depression in teens and other forms of mental …

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parenting styles

Parenting Styles: The Risks of Being the ‘Cool’ Parent

The ‘Cool’ Parent Parenting Styles Could Put Teens at Risk of Mental Health Issues The parenting styles parents choose to use with their kids varies depending on each parent’s personal experiences or values and how they were raised. Some parents choose to have strict rules and expectations, while others may be more relaxed about certain …

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teen depression

Research Suggests New Brain Area of Interest in Teen Depression 

How The Brain Manages Teen Depression When you think about the human brain, you would assume that everyone’s brain would have the same basic operating system that tells you how to do simple functions. Breathing, eating, walking, and sleeping are frequent things that we never consider being possible because of our brain. These actions have …

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