Though we should recognize mental health each and every day, it’s incredibly helpful to have a month to bring attention to it. May is mental health awareness month and it seems like some social media platforms are stepping up their game to put a spotlight on it.
According to studies, 1 in 5 people will struggle with a mental health issue at some point in their life. Social media has the potential to increase or decrease mental health, so it’s important that social media platforms take initiative and try to promote a healthy brain.

Tumblr & Instagram celebrate mental health awareness month

Tumblr and Post It Forward
Tumblr is currently one of the most popular blogging sites worldwide–it’s users are mainly made up of teens. On it, users can follow other bloggers, search posts by keywords, and post on their own boards. The posts can consist of text, photos, pictures, music, videos, links, and more.
mental health awarenessBecause Tumblr is used so widely, the owners thought it would be a wonderful idea to draw attention to Mental Health Awareness Month. To do this, they plan on using their platform used specifically for mental health and wellness: Post It Forward.
Post It Forward is meant to help users that are struggling and bring awareness to the true frequency of mental health issues–that they’re not rare and many of us have a challenge with mental health at some point in our lives.
Throughout this month, many people will share their experiences with mental illness and experts will discuss the role of social media in mental health–healthy and unhealthy use.
Instagram and #HereForYou
Unless you don’t have a teen, you probably know the name Instagram and what it entails. If you don’t, in short it’s an app that allows you to share photos with your followers and also follow other people.
Instagram is incredibly popular among teens, making it a great platform to spread mental health awareness–which is apparently exactly what they were thinking.
A new campaign has been launched on Instagram called #HereForYou. Instagram users with large followings have been using the hashtag on their photos to spread the word. If you click the hashtag on Instagram, it brings you to many other stories of people struggling with mental health issues.
The goal is to help other users understand that they’re not alone if they’re struggling and that resources are available. If you believe your son or daughter may be struggling, it’s essential to contact a professional immediately for further guidance.

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