Ways to Help Your Teen Identify Signs of a Toxic Relationship

signs of a toxic relationship
We can all remember our first friendship or relationship during our teen years. It often puts a smile on our faces when we reminisce on these memories. But for some, the first relationship that developed as a teen wasn’t as pleasant as one would have hoped. Many adolescents today feel they have few to no friends or very unhealthy or negative relationships. Being a teen trying to make friends can be confusing and difficult. Many have no idea how to recognize the signs of a toxic relationship. As a parent who has experienced all of the ups and downs of being a teenager, it’s important to educate your teen on the signs of a toxic relationship early on. The impacts of toxic relationships can have serious negative effects on teens overall well-being. A recent article by Psychology Today discusses ways to identify the signs of a toxic relationship with your teen.

Qualities and Emotions of Toxic People

Toxic people are very negative and angry. These qualities could be in a form of sarcasm or criticism. These traits may be due to them feeling jealous or constantly comparing themselves to others. They can also be very needy or dependent, which can come across as controlling because they feel threatened by others. People who are often focused on themselves or are self-absorbed can be difficult to build or maintain relationships with. They may initially by charming, funny, personable, or outgoing but they often express traits that can signal signs of a toxic relationship. These signs could be obvious or expressed in a passive-aggressive way. Being able to identify these qualities in people are a good way to begin to notice the signs of a toxic relationship.

Getting Rid of Toxic Relationships

Get Distance. Encourage them to spend time away from the toxic person in their life. This could mean taking a break from social media, skipping a social event they’ll be attending, or removing themselves from a shared hobby. Getting distance helps them to evaluate how they are truly feeling and get perspective on if there are signs of a toxic relationship forming.
Use Your Voice. Encourage teens to talk to the people they feel are expressing signs of a toxic relationship about how they feel. Communication is a huge part of building and maintaining healthy relationships. Teenagers need to be able to express what they are willing to tolerate in a relationship.
Set Boundaries. Blocking people on social media, not tolerating them talking to you in a certain way, or not hanging out with them are examples of setting boundaries. It’s important for teens to learn how to be assertive in a respectful way.
Look at the Positive. Identify the benefits of separating away from a toxic relationship and being around more positive people. Making a list of qualities your teen hopes to see in a friend or that they like about themselves is a good way to identify good qualities to look for in relationships.

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