The ‘Cool’ Parent Parenting Styles Could Put Teens at Risk of Mental Health Issues

The parenting styles parents choose to use with their kids varies depending on each parent’s personal experiences or values and how they were raised. Some parents choose to have strict rules and expectations, while others may be more relaxed about certain experiences that occur during teen years. Whether you choose parenting styles that consist of being open minded or setting absolute guidelines, your parenting styles should always have your teens best interest at heart. Regardless of if it makes you the ‘cool’ parent or not. A recent article by Psych Central discusses the need for having responsible parenting styles and the potential risks that are brought on from trying to be the ‘cool’ parent.

Brain Development in Teens and Young Adults

While teenagers, especially those nearing 18, may act and seem extremely similar to adults, but their brains are still different and developing. Teens and adults under the age of 25, have less abundance of an area of the brain that controls reasoning and impulse control. Due to this, they are often moodier, lack good judgment, and are prone to taking risks without considering the consequences. That is why having responsible parenting styles is essential for your teens health and wellbeing.

Responsible Parenting Style

Having responsible parenting styles consists of being an active part of your teens life. Knowing their friends and what activities that participate in is important. If you know your teen is experimenting with drugs or alcohol, don’t turn a blind eye and try to be the ‘cool’ parent. Peers may have a lot of influence, but parents have more. Studies on alcohol and drugs have shown that adolescents whose parents permitted them to drink alcohol, consumed more alcohol and experienced more negative consequences for it by the time they entered college.
Set clear rules about what you’re comfortable with. The values you bestow on your teens will get internalized and offer guidance and protection throughout the rest of their life. If you parent with love and accountability and develop trust and respect from your kids, it won’t matter if you were the ‘cool’ parent. You will have accomplished something far more important than achieving a sought-after social status.

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