“A huge thank you for designing and operating such an effective program. It quite literally saved our family.”

—Family Feedback


At blueFire, we’ve always believed in the power of togetherness, especially when it comes to the healing journeys of families we have the privilege to work with. We’re excited to share some news about an expansion in our family support services.

In April, we are broadening our clinical support to include more frequent and robust parent support groups, a decision inspired by the positive feedback of the families we serve. Historically, we’ve facilitated one parent support group and one psychoeducation group monthly, initiatives that have been warmly appreciated.








We love to push industry standards forward.


Therefore, we’re enhancing our offerings to include three parent support groups each month, alongside our psychoeducational group. This expansion is a testament to our steadfast commitment to nurturing family systems as a whole.

Our approach has always been holistic, recognizing that the healing process is deeply interconnected within the family unit. From the outset, families are equipped with the “Parallel Process” book, a gesture to kickstart shared paths to healing. Parent coaching, commencing immediately upon enrollment, and subsequent family therapy sessions build on this foundation, ensuring a comprehensive support system that evolves with the family’s journey.
















The culmination of our program, the 4-day Family Spark for adolescents and Family Flow for our Pulsar young adult group, represents the essence of our philosophy. It’s an opportunity for families to solidify their growth, to celebrate the strides they’ve made together, and to prepare for a future marked by healthier relationships and understanding.

Our dedication to a family-centered approach and this expansion of our family support services underlines our belief that lasting change necessitates a supportive, informed, and empowered family system. We’re truly excited about this evolution and the enriched support it will bring to the families we serve.


“The therapy that I received here was amazing. Being able to get to the bottom of family issues without distortion and for the most part, in a regulated manner, has not only seen myself on better terms with my family, but also helped me improve my own mannerisms.”

—Graduate Client Feedback


We wanted to share this news with you because you are a crucial part of the extended blueFire family. The guidance and support from our referring partners and colleagues in this field enable us to reach families in need and help them ignite the change they wish to see in their lives.

For more detailed information about our expanded family support services, contact our team.


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