Failing grades, getting into trouble with teachers, fighting with peers–for many of our families, school has become the pinnacle of their struggle. Whether parents like it or not, a teenager’s job is to be a client and if they feel as if they’re failing at that job, it can impact them not only academically, but mentally.
At blueFire, we understand how important education is for the overall success of an adolescent–this is why we’ve integrated educational elements into our programming. We strive to take a student’s relationship with school from a place of negativity to a place of excitement and growth.

Learning inside and outside of the classroom

Many of our students have struggled inside the classroom, which is why we take learning outside of it. This gives students the opportunity to see learning in a different light, allowing them to connect to it.
Unlike many programs, our academic focus is rooted in a simple, strong foundation:

  • Assess the Situation. In order to come up with an individualized plan, we have to first assess a student’s specific way of learning. To do this, each child goes through our Learning Styles Assessment; this allows us to have a deeper understanding of your child’s current situation and how to productively move forward.
  • Address Educational Barriers. After the assessment, we work to address points of conflict and challenge. We want our students to be able to take on hurdles and get through them through problem-solving and skill. We use wilderness not only as a therapeutic tool for behavioral change, but for educational achievement as well.
  • Hands-On Learning. Wilderness therapy allows our students to learn in a real, experiential way. When learning about scientific theories or social sciences, we can relate them to a wilderness activity that we’re doing at the moment. Such as understanding physics by explaining how the belay system works in rock climbing. This experiential element helps strengthen lessons and create an environment that excites students.
  • Preparing for Transition. We want our students to not only thrive in our program, but to thrive when they return home as well. Living in the wilderness isn’t a permanent situation, it’s meant to be a powerful tool for generating lasting, positive change. To make sure our students transition home smoothly in education, we focus on teaching translatable skills in academics.

Through the combination of these components, we’re able to provide our students with a life-changing behavioral and educational experience. We hope to help each and every one of our students become productive, healthy members of society.

blueFire Wilderness is here for your family

blueFire Wilderness is a wilderness therapy program for teens. We help teens, ages 11 to 17, grappling with depression, ADHD, anxiety, defiance, and other emotional or behavioral problems.
At blueFire, we strive to help each client find their inner confidence and succeed. We believe that through a balance of self-assessment, insight oriented therapy, outdoor living, adventure activities and academic focus these teens will find their true selves. We provide a supportive opportunity for parents and children to reconnect and strengthen their relationship.
For more information about how we help at blueFire Wilderness, please call 1 (844) 413-1999 today.

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