Mindfulness based therapy seems to be the new, up and coming technique for changing thinking in adolescents. As more and more research comes out in support of it, more and more professionals and programs have been integrating it into their practices. ScienceDaily recently published an article overviewing yet another study showing the power of mindfulness based therapy.

Mindfulness based therapy changes brain activity

Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents are some of the most common mental illnesses–and they often come with depression. The frequently used medications, antidepressants, can be an issue for youth who have a higher risk of bipolar disorder, but now they may have an alternative: mindfulness based therapy.

The University of Cincinnati’s researchers recently conducted a study about how cognitive therapy merged with mindfulness tactics affect youth compared to the usual medications. One of the researchers stated:

“Clinician-rated anxiety and youth-rated trait anxiety were significantly reduced following treatment; the increases in mindfulness were associated with decreases in anxiety. Increasingly, patients and families are asking for additional therapeutic options, in addition to traditional medication-based treatments, that have proven effectiveness for improved symptom reduction. Mindfulness-based therapies for mood disorders is one such example with promising evidence being studied and implemented at UC.”

Could be a breakthrough in treatment for youth

This could be a great way to treat anxiety disorders in adolescents who have a higher chance of developing bipolar disorder. There aren’t many options for them currently and the results of this study show that cognitive mindfulness-based therapy could be a promising way to treat them. Of course, more research needs to be done to confirm the effects, but it’s obvious that this is a very exciting path.

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