Mental health problems in youth are more common than many people realize. As a parent or sibling of someone suffering with mental health problems, it can be difficult to watch them deal with the challenges their illness is accompanied with. For many families, there is a concern about whether mental health problems in youth can be developed in siblings. According to a recent article by Medical News Today, new research has found siblings of individuals that have mental health struggles are at an increased risk of developing them as well.

The Research

A study using data from all patients hospitalized in psychiatric wards in Israel found that having a sibling with schizophrenia increases your risk of developing the illness by a factor of 10. It also increased their risk of developing bipolar disorder and other mental health problems in youth. The same was found of siblings of patients with bipolar disorder.
The lifetime change of suffering from mental health problems in youth is extremely high. It is estimated that each year 38 percent of the population suffers from a mental disorder. An international team has examined the rates of mental disorders in families who have been hospitalized for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or depression. They compared them to over 74,000 controls that could influence the results. The results revealed at how much more of a risk siblings were of developing mental health problems in youth.

Hope for New Knowledge

Researchers hope that this information will make physicians more aware of the risks that siblings and family members have or developing mental health issues if someone within the family suffers from one. The results of the study can continue to be used by researchers to further broaden the understanding of how mental health problems in youth work genetically.
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