Teen drug use usually does not just happen. Very few teens seek out drugs on their own to start experimenting with them. There is usually something that trigger their first use and the eventual abuse. Here are some of the most common causes of teen drug use:

  1. Trying to fit in – If one or more of their friends is a drug user, a teen may start experimenting with drugs simply to fit in with their friends. The pressure may be even greater if it is not actually your kid’s friends, but the “popular” crowd. The desire to be thought of as “cool,” and the ability to do just that by participating in drug use can be enough pressure for even the best kids to start using drugs. teen drug use
  2. Access without supervision – This may apply more to drinking than to teen drug use, but if teens have access to any kind of drug (including medications), without proper supervision, this may be a trigger for those teens to start thinking about and eventually using drugs. If you have prescriptions or alcohol in the house, keep them under lock and key and check them regularly to see if there is any missing that cannot be accounted for.
  3. Lack of communication – Teens who feel that they are being ignored by their parents often feel and even greater desire to “fit in” with their peers. They are looking for somewhere to land and may find it among kids for whom teen drug use is common. If your teen feels like you do not care about what they do, they will start pushing those limits, taking part in more and more dangerous activities to see what they have to do to get some of your attention.
  4. Lack of rules – Have you talked to your teen about the ramifications of drug use? Do they know how dangerous it is? Do they understand that drug use is not acceptable in your household? These might be things that you think your teen should implicitly understand, but if you have not actually told your child that they are not allowed to do something, this could be enough permission to actually do it. If they do not think there are going to be repercussions when it comes to taking drugs, they are more likely to try it.

blueFire Wilderness Can Help

blueFire Wilderness, a wilderness therapy program for teens ages 11-17, can help your teen work through emotional and behavioral struggles like drug experimentation.
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