blueFire has been a leading experiential, adventure, and wilderness therapy program for years, with the accreditation of this leading industry-level association, our program has solidified itself as a first-class program.

The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) is the industry-accepted level of professional evaluation for experiential, wilderness, and adventure programs. The AEE is a nonprofit international professional membership organization that was established in 1972. Since its inception, its mission has been to elevate and expand the global capacity for experiential education through supporting academic research, building an inclusive community, and presenting resources to advocate the expansion of experiential learning.

 “At blueFire, we believe in continuously striving to honor the trust of the clients and families we support in our program. One way we have worked over the past few years to continue to honor that trust is by pursuing accreditation as an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare program through the Association for Experiential Education. We have now achieved that milestone and look forward to the annual and site reviews to continue to challenge us to think critically about our practices and to meet evolving standards for best clinical and adventure practices.” 

—Lindsay Myrick, LCPC, Assistant Clinical Director & Primary Therapist, blueFire Wilderness Therapy

Earning accreditation from AEE means that blueFire has distinguished itself in the growing field of experiential education, meeting and exceeding the recognized industry standards. To be accredited, programs must prove that they comply with the standards for adventure programs’ experiential education, commitment to quality, and professional standards, as well as allocate resources towards continued improvement to their program.

Programs like blueFire Wilderness Therapy that have attained their AEE Accreditation are identified by the public as quality programs, having clear standards of care and support, continuing education for its staff to better serve their clients, and overall impeccable quality, performance, and risk management practices.


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Our experiential programming is entwined in everyday life at blueFire, we take every opportunity for our clients to learn through doing and most if not all of our outdoor programming revolves around using activities as therapeutic, teachable moments.

With the help of annual external reviews from the AEE and other programs that blueFire has accreditation from, blueFire Wilderness will continue to be at the top of the outdoor therapy field and its ever-evolving standards. Accreditation ensures that the program will stay true to its mission to “inspire and guide others to a place of self-discovery and personal resolve to achieve great success.”

blueFire Wilderness is an outdoor-based wilderness and adventure therapy program for clients ages 11-17 and 18-28. blueFire combines clinical expertise, family, animal, wilderness, and adventure therapy in their program, providing an approach to treatment that produces long-lasting, internalized change. blueFire is licensed by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, is accredited by the American Experiential Education (AEE), and has professional memberships in the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) and Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH).

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