In a time of constant change and evolution in the wellness industry, blueFire Wilderness Therapy stands strong as a resource for families in need. The team’s dedication to the safety of clients and staff, along with their commitment to excellence in clinical work, family work, and financial responsibility, continues to guide them through both challenges and opportunities.

Over the past months, blueFire’s leadership team, composed of Kathy, Reid, and Jon — tried and true pioneers in the field — have made strategic decisions to ensure the long-standing success and focused efforts of the program. While these decisions included slightly reducing staffing numbers and closing one specialized group last fall, they have carefully considered strategies aimed at concentrating efforts on blueFire’s most long-standing and impactful groups. blueFire’s program is proudly stable, healthy, and poised for continued success.

Executive Director and Founder Kathy Rex shared, “Our recent adjustments are part of our broader strategy to solidify our foundation for future success. Our decisions are not made lightly; they are informed by historical data and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. As always, blueFire will continue to evaluate and adapt services to the ever-changing needs of our clients, families, and professional community.”

Despite these changes, the core of what makes blueFire exceptional remains unchanged. blueFire’s four main pillars (a strong clinical team presence for treatment and assessment, core family work, adventure/recreational therapy, and academic learning) continue to anchor the program. The hybrid basecamp model provides a “home away from home” that nurtures clients between adventures and promotes personal growth.

blueFire’s unique clinical model, crafted a decade ago with two therapists in each group four to five days a week, continues to set industry standards. Under the guidance of Clinical Director Jon Worbets and Assistant Clinical Director Lindsay Myrick, blueFire’s therapeutic teams offer unparalleled support to clients, employing a range of trauma-informed modalities, including EMDR and Equine Therapy.

Said one family about their child’s experience with blueFIRE, “Most impressed with the 24/7 therapeutic model. Each person knew and saw my child and continuously helped him on his journey.”

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, but it also underscored the trust families and referring professionals have in blueFire. blueFire’s numbers swelled, testimony to the confidence placed in the team by families seeking a safe space for their children’s mental health and healing journeys. This period highlighted blueFire’s ability to adapt, grow, and maintain quality care even under difficult circumstances.

As the team moves forward, their priorities remain clear: ensuring the safety of clients and staff, continuing exemplary clinical work, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to families.

“Rest assured,” says Jon Worbets, Clinical Director and Co-Founder, “We remain dedicated to navigating future challenges with the same excellence and innovation you have come to expect.”

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