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When deciding to send your son or daughter to a therapy program, you are probably most concerned about a change in their behavior. Either they have been defiant and aggressive toward others or they have begun demonstrating self-harming behaviors. You know they are struggling emotionally and need the help intensive therapy can provide. Wilderness therapy does not just provide the therapeutic environment your child needs; the adventure experiences your teen will have help to develop life-skills and build confidence in new ways.


During a wilderness therapy program, teenagers build strong, meaningful relationships with those around them. Your teen will learn how to effectively work in a group of peers. When you have to depend on those around you to help with necessities, such as food and shelter, you realize the importance every individual has, including yourself. Effective communication and leadership skills are developed, which directly reflect in everyday life.

It’s only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves. – Andre Gide

Building confidence through overcoming obstacles

When facing new experiences, teens have the option to shy away or face it head on. Every adventure experience is full of new obstacles, both internal and external. From fear of being in a new environment to learning to build a fire, teens will become familiar with facing adverse situations. With every success your child has overcoming obstacles, their confidence and self-worth grows. Every struggle provides a new learning opportunity; they soon realize that their attitude toward the situation can make things easier or a lot harder.

Disconnect from technology

As stressful as your teen’s life is, adventure experiences are a great way to escape and recharge. With the inundation of technology and social media, teenagers benefit from knowing the advantages of disconnecting every once in a while. Wilderness therapy eliminates the peer pressure and social expectations of technology, so the teen can focus on bettering themselves without distraction.

Other ways adventure experiences help teens develop new skills and a brighter outlook:

  • Identify and adapt unhealthy behaviors
  • Be independent
  • Learn new ways of coping with challenges
  • Find new passions for activities

Adventure experiences help teach teenagers build new skills and develop confidence in every aspect of their lives. If your son or daughter is struggling with emotional or behavioral issues, wilderness therapy can help turn their life around.
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