Anxiety can quickly become all-consuming in a teenagers’ life. The symptoms of anxiety may become a lot for them to manage and cause them to struggle in all aspects of life. As a parent, seeing your child struggle with anxiety can leave you feeling helpless and unsure of what to do. Help for an anxious teen can begin at home.

There are methods you can help your teenager incorporate into their life to help manage their anxiety.

  1. Face anxiety. Part of helping your teen cope with anxiety means facing anxiety. Acknowledge your teen’s fear—do not brush it off. It’s important that your teen feels validated and taken seriously. Encourage your teen to do the things that they fear, but in a non-pressuring and gentle way. Remember… baby steps.
  2. Set goals. Help your teen set achievable goals for things they feel anxious about. Part of addressing anxiety means coming up with a plan to manage and overcome symptoms of anxiety. Setting goals may include writing them down. Often times, when we write things down it helps motivate us and hold us accountable to work towards it. Sit down with your teen and put a plan on paper to address the things they struggle with related to anxiety.
  3. Seek outside help. Help for an anxious teen often spans beyond help at home. Do not hesitate to seek professional resources to get your teen properly evaluated and receive advice on the best course of action to help reduce anxiety symptoms. Outside sources may include school counsellors, psychologists, local health center, and family doctor.
  4. Show love and support. Love and support goes a long way in helping teens with anxiety. Show your teen affection—this can simply include hugging them and telling them you love them every day. Your love reassures them that you are there for them and willing to help them cope.
  5. Make time. Help for an anxious teen begins and depends on your ability to make time to help them cope. This is so important. You should be intentional about helping them. Spend time with your teen. Learn what helps them and what makes things worse. Do healthy activities together. This will strengthen your bond and get them engaged in things they like to do.

BlueFire Wilderness Can Help

BlueFire Wilderness Therapy is an adventure-based program for teens ages 11-17 who struggle with addictive behaviors. Wilderness therapy removes students from the distraction of peers, devices, and demands of life and allow them to heal in a supportive and nurturing environment. Clients will be able to focus on themselves and become more aware of their troubling behaviors. BlueFire gives them the skills and tools they need to combat these behaviors and be on their way to a happy and healthy life. We can help your family today!

Contact us at 1-844-413-1999.

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