Leading Wilderness Programs for Oregon Adolescents

BlueFire Wilderness  is one of the best wilderness programs available to adolescents from Oregon today. It provides a multi-dimensional experience where expeditions into the wilderness are coupled with individual, group, and family therapy, as well as academic and volunteer work. The level of challenge and care that teens from Oregon can find at BlueFire Wilderness is designed to help them reflect on their lives and the behaviors that are affecting the quality of their relationships. Wilderness Programs Oregon

BlueFire Wilderness is not in Oregon, but sending your child to a safe, nurturing environment away from the environment they are used to gives them an opportunity to look at their life from a new perspective.

Wilderness programs for Oregon teens have the added benefit of being very dynamic and fostering a connection to the natural world. Unlike residential treatment, wilderness programs are proven to be very effective for young people.

BlueFire Wilderness offers a wilderness therapy program for Oregon teens dealing with issues like low self-esteem, depression, toxic substance problems, school refusal, and many other problems. Our trained therapists use a range of techniques and approaches to ensure the best possible care for teens and their families.

BlueFire Wilderness uses evidence-based methods to give your Oregon teen the best possible therapeutic help they need. Call us at 1 (844) 413-1999 to discuss the options available for your child.
Wilderness Programs Oregon

Who Does BlueFire Wilderness Therapy Help?

BlueFire Wilderness helps teens and families looking for wilderness programs who are struggling with challenges like those below:
– Bipolar Disorder
– Depression
– Self-harm
– Anger Issues
– Video Game Addiction
– Academic Failure
– Low Self Esteem
– Social isolation
– Attachment Issues
– Family Conflict
– School Refusal
– Defiance
– Trauma
– Anxiety

At BlueFire Wilderness Teens from Oregon Find the Help They Need

BlueFire Wilderness is a program designed to help struggling teens by taking them on a journey to discover and understand their core fears, beliefs, dreams, and desires. It is aimed towards adolescents from all over the country who have developed poor coping skills for the struggles they are facing, and need guidance and support to reevaluate their lives. Wilderness Programs Oregon

Even though some teens from Oregon  might be apprehensive about being in an unfamiliar outdoors environment for an extended period of time, BlueFire’s highly skilled team is prepared for this normal response, and knows how to help your teen adjust to their new conditions.

Wilderness programs help teens from Oregon by removing the everyday distractions they’ve become accustomed to, such as social media, video games, television, and pressures from school and peer groups.

Wilderness programs give Oregon teens a set of challenges and goals to accomplish within a natural, adventure setting. Groups choose their itinerary for multi-day treks into the wilderness and are responsible for planning their excursions. This gives them a chance to see and cope with the result of their choices on the field, and provides an opportunity to learn essential values like teamwork, communication, and self-sufficiency.

BlueFire offers a unique program that couples wilderness programs with weekly personal, group, and family therapy, with a strong focus on rebuilding a strong, healthy connection between children and their families. By focusing on the family unit, BlueFire’s program is designed to encourage long-lasting change in family dynamics so that Oregon teens can more easily transfer skills and insights learned during the program into their everyday lives back home.


National Institute of Mental Health : The lead federal agency in the U.S. for research into mental illness, and provides a range of information about mental health issues and the research being conducted today, as well as offering resources for individuals and families looking for mental health professionals and programs suited to their needs.  

How Wilderness Therapy Works: An Examination of the Wilderness Therapy Process to Treat Adolescents with Behavioral Problems and Addictions: An in-depth article that explores the meaning and implications of wilderness therapy, the types of issues best suited to this type of program, and the theory behind why it seems to work well for adolescents. A worthy read for parents that want to know the ins-and-outs of the process as seen by the experts in the field.
Oregon Wilderness Programs

BlueFire Wilderness Programs help Oregon families from:

Some examples of cities from Oregon which may have families who may be interested in BlueFire Wilderness include: Portland Salem Eugene Gresham Hillsboro Beaverton Bend Medford Springfield Corvallis Albany Tigard
Wilderness Programs Oregon

BlueFire Wilderness Programs Help Families From Oregon

BlueFire Wilderness helps Oregon families from cities and towns like: Raleigh Hills Cedar Mill Lake Oswego Tolovana Park Arch Cape West Haven-Sylvan West Slope Cannon Beach West Linn Happy Valley

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