Leading Wilderness Programs for Idaho Adolescents

BlueFire Wilderness  is one of the best wilderness programs available to adolescents from Idaho today. It provides a multi-dimensional experience where expeditions into the wilderness are coupled with individual, group, and family therapy, as well as academic and volunteer work. The level of challenge and care that teens from Idaho can find at BlueFire Wilderness is designed to help them reflect on their lives and the behaviors that are affecting the quality of their relationships. Wilderness Programs Idaho

Sending your child to a safe, nurturing environment away from the environment they are used to gives them an opportunity to look at their life from a new perspective.

Wilderness programs for Idaho teens have the added benefit of being very dynamic and fostering a connection to the natural world. Unlike residential treatment, wilderness programs are proven to be very effective for young people.

BlueFire Wilderness offers a wilderness therapy program for Idaho teens dealing with issues like low self-esteem, depression, toxic substance problems, school refusal, and many other problems. Our trained therapists use a range of techniques and approaches to ensure the best possible care for teens and their families.

BlueFire Wilderness uses evidence-based methods to give your Idaho teen the best possible therapeutic help they need. Call us at 1 (844) 413-1999 to discuss the options available for your child.
Wilderness Programs Idaho

Struggling Teens from Idaho Can Find Life-Changing Experiences at BlueFire Wilderness

BlueFire Wilderness offers one of the top wilderness programs. BlueFire’s many innovative and unique elements are held together by  a common vision: that of helping  teens explore their core selves and develop healthier relationships with their families for the rest of their lives. Although being away from home can be scary for some Idaho teens, BlueFire offers a nurturing, caring environment with expert therapists trained in making children feel safe and welcome. Wilderness Programs Idaho

Being away from home will give Idaho  adolescents a chance to look at their lives with a fresh perspective, without being tempted by the distractions and destructive behavior patterns they’ve become accustomed to in their normal environment.

Wilderness programs for Idaho teens carry the added benefits of exploring nature’s varied and awe-inspiring challenges and rewards. They also offer important life lessons along the way. BlueFire’s comprehensive program offers a broad range of activities designed to stimulate developing teens and give them a chance to explore themselves with the helpful guidance of trained therapists.

With the aid of weekly letters, video-conferences, and calls, teenagers from Idaho will have the opportunity to stay in touch with family members and participate in weekly family therapy sessions where trained experts mediate communication and help build trust and mutual understanding. As the teen’s time  with BlueFire draws to an end, staff will gradually participate less to allow for families to create and maintain healthy communication on their own.

Who Does BlueFire Wilderness Therapy Help?

BlueFire Wilderness helps teens and families looking for wilderness programs who are struggling with challenges like those below:
– School Refusal
– Depression
– Social isolation
– Bipolar Disorder
– Defiance
– Family Conflict
– Attachment Issues
– Video Game Addiction
– Anxiety
– Trauma
– Low Self Esteem
– Self-harm
– Anger Issues
– Academic Failure


National Institute of Mental Health : The lead federal agency in the U.S. for research into mental illness, and provides a range of information about mental health issues and the research being conducted today, as well as offering resources for individuals and families looking for mental health professionals and programs suited to their needs.  

Therapy Gone Wild: An interesting article featured on the site of the American Psychological Association takes a look at the experience of psychologist Steve DeBois, PhD, who works with wilderness therapy for adolescents. It provides an informative, thorough look into wilderness therapy’s dynamics, and why it is so effective for young people.  
Wilderness Programs Idaho

BlueFire Wilderness Programs Help Families From Idaho

BlueFire Wilderness helps Idaho families from cities and towns like: Eagle Victor Star Meridian Moyie Springs Garden City Boise Melba Lewiston Preston

Wilderness Programs Idaho

BlueFire Wilderness Programs help Idaho families from:

Some examples of cities from Idaho which may have families who may be interested in BlueFire Wilderness include: Boise Nampa Meridian Idaho Falls Pocatello Caldwell

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BlueFire Wilderness helps Idaho families from zip codes like these: