Choosing The Best Summer Camps For West Virginia Troubled Teens

Is your teen struggling with behavioral or emotional challenges? Are their behaviors getting out of control? The summer time might be an ideal time to get your teen the help they need. At BlueFire Wilderness Therapy, we help teens from West Virginia and all over the country achieve lasting success. Summer camps for troubled teens are simply not equipped to provide the therapeutic assistance struggling teens need to work through their challenges.

Summer Camps For Troubled Teens West VirginiaBlueFire Wilderness Therapy is located in Southern Idaho, but we help families from all over the country, including West Virginia.

BlueFire Wilderness could be the best solution to your teen€™s challenges. Our programming can help your teen:

  • Better understand how their behaviors affect others. At BlueFire, groups work closely together to assess behaviors and reinforce positive changes. Equine therapy, which utilizes horses as a therapeutic guide, helps teens better understand how to control their behaviors and regulate emotions.
  • Gain confidence. Many clients come to us with a history of low self esteem and self confidence. Our program is designed to help teens come out of their shell and participate in activities they never imagined doing before coming to BlueFire. Clients learn how to build a fire, cook food, and build camp sites.
  • Build relationship skills. Throughout their time at BlueFire, clients are surrounded by peers who are going through similar challenges to them. Therapeutic staff work closely with clients to help foster positive friendships. We also help families strengthen their relationship with their child.

Learn more about the ways in which BlueFire can help your West Virginia teen by calling 1 (844) 413-1999.
Summer Camps For Troubled Teens West Virginia

Why Choose BlueFire Wilderness Therapy As An Alternative To Summer Camps For West Virginia Teens?

BlueFire Wilderness Therapy can be a great alternative to summer camps for struggling teens from West Virginia. We offer a therapeutic setting which provides many of the same fun adventures individuals experience at summer camps. During their time at BlueFire, clients participate in a variety of outdoor activities such as backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, and whitewater rafting. These activities encourage teens to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. They also promote teamwork and leadership skills which are translatable to everyday life. Summer Camps For Troubled Teens West Virginia

BlueFire Wilderness is 1.5 hours from Boise, Idaho. We help families from all over the country, including West Virginia.

In a matter of several weeks, your child will experience positive, long lasting changes that are transferable to the €œreal world€ after your teen leaves treatment. We help students better understand who they are as individuals and get them one step closer to discovering and achieving their goals.

Equine Therapy Programming Encourages Relationship and Communication Skills

At BlueFire Wilderness, we utilize several therapeutic techniques to help clients become more aware of the ways in which their behaviors affect others. One of those therapeutic techniques – equine therapy – allows teens to form close bonds with a non-judgmental, completely objective being.

Horses are very social creatures. If an individual is uneasy around them, their behaviors will reflect that. If a teen is very depressed or anxious, horses can sense those feelings. Because of this, clients become sensitive to the behaviors of the horse they are around.

Equine therapy can:

  • Regulate emotions
  • Build confidence within teens
  • Help promote responsibility

Learn more about equine therapy here>>>

Who Does BlueFire Wilderness Therapy Help?

BlueFire Wilderness helps teens and families looking for wilderness programs who are struggling with challenges like those below:
– Video Game Addiction
– Attachment Issues
– Depression
– Self-harm
– Low Self Esteem
– Anger Issues
– Academic Failure
– Social isolation
– Bipolar Disorder
– School Refusal
– Trauma
– Anxiety
– Family Conflict
– Defiance


American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry –  An organization made by psychiatrists to promote the awareness of youth mental illness and help parents cope with their children€™s mental health issues, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has links to many resources both for children and adults. Also, the website contains links to numerous local organizations and chapters to encourage people to connect.
American Psychiatric Association  €“ A central nervous system for all things mental illness, the American Psychiatric Association makes its mission to bring care to the people. This includes not only connections to proper treatment, but ways to change the world and its perception of mental illness. With the help of the American Psychiatric Association, any person can live a healthy life.
Summer Camps For Troubled Teens West Virginia

BlueFire Summer Camps For Troubled Teens Help Families From West Virginia

BlueFire Wilderness helps West Virginia families from cities and towns like: Shepherdstown Cheat Lake Shenandoah Junction Summit Point Charles Town Morgantown Brookhaven Kearneysville Bolivar Westover
Summer Camps For Troubled Teens West Virginia

BlueFire Summer Camps For Troubled Teens help West Virginia families from:

Some examples of cities from West Virginia which may have families who may be interested in BlueFire Wilderness include: Charleston Shepherdstown Cheat Lake Shenandoah Junction Summit Point

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