Summer Camps For Troubled Teens: Choosing BlueFire Wilderness Therapy

Welcome to blueFire! We are a premier wilderness therapy program for teens and young adults struggling with emotional, social and behavioral challenges. Our youth program works with clients aged 11-17 from all over the country, and are located not far from Boise, Idaho. Our comprehensive outdoor therapy adventure experience is aimed at helping the entire family, and combines clinical expertise, adventure experiences, academic assessments and a family systems approach in a private-pay model.

We're passionate about fostering positive change in the lives of our clients, and we're committed to supporting them every step of the way. Thank you for considering blueFire as a partner on the journey towards a brighter future.

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Summer camps for troubled teens are a popular option for parents seeking help for their struggling child over the summer. Unfortunately, it is not the most effective solution to your child’s challenges. Camps for troubled teens are programs that utilize some elements of traditional therapy, but may not have the expertise of wilderness therapy programs or residential treatment. BlueFire Wilderness Therapy provides the same adventure filled environment as a summer camp, but utilizes a clinically intensive model which helps transform the lives of clients. 


No parent wants to see their child struggle with behavioral or emotional challenges such as trauma, defiance, and school refusal. BlueFire Wilderness is here to help your family find success for your teen. Our program helps teens ages 11-17 who struggle with difficulties such as:

  • Technology Addiction
  • Defiant behaviors
  • Learning disorders
  • Attachment issues related to adoption
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Angry outbursts
  • Substance use
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Why Choose BlueFire Wilderness over Summer Camps For Troubled Teens?

Instead of sending your teen to a summer camp for troubled youth this summer, why not get them the therapeutic help that they need? Even if some form of therapy is offered at summer camps for troubled teens, it is often not conducted by experienced therapeutic professionals. Here are some reasons to choose wilderness therapy over behavioral summer camps for your teen this summer: wilderness summer camp

  • Twice the therapy: BlueFire Wilderness Therapy has twice the amount of therapy offered by behavioral summer camps . This means that your teen will be receiving more therapeutic assistance for their struggles that you would get pretty much anywhere.
  • Exciting therapeutic adventures: At BlueFire, clients experience amazing adventure which hold therapeutic value. These activities vary by season. In the summer months, clients participate in white water rafting, rock climbing and kayaking.
  • Removed from distractions: One challenge posed by summer camps is the amount of distractions teens face throughout camp. At BlueFire, all distractions are removed. Clients do not have access to social media or any of the negative influences that may have provoked behaviors in the past.

Family Involvement Encourages Lasting Success

Throughout your child’s time at BlueFire Wilderness, the entire family is included in the healing process. In the initial and later stages of the treatment program, we utilize one way communication such as videos, emails, and letters to give families time to regroup and gather their thoughts. We then move on to phone calls and teleconferences intended to reconnect and rebuild family relationships. Family involvement is something you may not get in therapeutic summer camps or wilderness camps.

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Creating Positive Change with Equine Therapy

Some wilderness camps for teens have a horseback riding element which may sound exciting and fun for teens. At BlueFire, students interact with horses on a regular basis. Equine therapy is a therapeutic intervention that is well known to create positive change within teens. Equine therapy helps teens:

  • Learn about responsibility and ways they can give back to others. troubled boy camps
  • Establish strong connections with another living thing. The bonds teens make with horses can help them improve communication and relationship skills with peers and family members.
  • Better understand unhealthy behaviors. Horses mirror the emotions of the people they are around. This helps teens better regulate their emotions.

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Getting Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Throughout their time at BlueFire, clients take baby steps towards getting out of their comfort zone. Over the course of a few weeks, students learn new life skills and reshape who they believe they are. During this entire process, they are supported by expert therapeutic and field staff who are dedicated to your child make positive, long lasting changes.
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BlueFire Wilderness helps families from:

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New Jersey,
New Mexico,
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