Education in Wilderness


"Our educational focus is what makes blueFire wilderness therapy the best choice for families with kids struggling in school. Many families struggle with issues in and around the classroom, for this reason we have invested a lot in an environment focused on creating educational success."

Kathy Rex, Founder of blueFire Wilderness

Academics in a Wilderness Setting

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Learning in Wilderness

Unlike other wilderness programs, blueFire’s educational focus is based in a simple process:

1) Assess the Situation – Our Learning Styles Assessment will give us the knowledge and proper understanding of your child’s current situation to move forward in a productive manner. Often times, we are performing educational assessments that have never been done at a home school. We can offer a level of insight many families have never known were available.

2) Address educational challenges – After the initial Learning Styles Assessment, we work to use wilderness not only as a therapeutic process for behavioral change, but also to address points of contention. In accordance with state and national standards, each client will have academic goals listed in their treatment plan, based on their Learning Styles Assessment and their Youth Outcome Questionnaire.

3) Using nature as a unique and hands on learning environment – Through the use of our wilderness school, every day provides an opportunity to learn in a real, experiential way. For instance, we see and touch science or learn social sciences by traversing the same paths as previous generations. This experiential element helps to drive home lessons and create a lasting education environment.

Experience-based educational programs can have a significant, positive impact on the social, psychological and intellectual development of adolescents.

-Daniel Conrad & Diane Hedin, The Impact of Experimental Education on Adolescent Development

4) Focusing on the transition home – Living in the wilderness is not a long-term solution, but it is a strong tool making positive life-long changes behaviorally and educationally. We focus on teaching translatable skills in academics, as well as emotional and behavioral growth. This eases the transition from our wilderness school program back to the “real world.”

**Please note, for our young adult program, our experience is that our clients first and foremost must re-engage and find motivation before they pursue formal or even more informal forms of education. To learn more about how we help instill confidence and direction in young adults, please visit our Pulsar site.

To learn more about the educational focus of blueFire Wilderness, please call us today 844-413-1999.

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