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Our philosophy is focused on creating one of the most unique wilderness therapy programs to help foster change for young men and women ages 11 – 17. blueFire is the culmination of my nearly 30 (yes, 30!) years in behavioral health.

Unlike other wilderness therapy programs, with the blueFire Wilderness Therapy program, I believe we have succeeded in creating one of the most top notch wilderness therapy programs in the country, complete with a high level of clinical sophistication and a highly experienced and passionate staff. We explore the wonderful landscape of southern Idaho to provide many opportunities for clients to experience adventure, have success and rediscover their true self.

When we set out to build one of the top wilderness therapy programs, we looked at the clinically proven treatment approaches that would deliver the best outcomes, give the best treatment and be the best at assessing each family’s needs on an individual basis.

blueFire employs a team of wilderness therapy pioneers with more than 75 combined years of experience working with struggling teens and their families. Our experience tells us that blueFire’s combination of wilderness and adventure therapy activities creates the ideal therapeutic environment to help clients recognize and build upon their sense of self-worth.

Experts in Wilderness Therapy

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Gather, Build & Ignite Continual Excellence

In order to facilitate understanding and growth, we use the metaphor of a fire building model: Gather, Build, and Ignite.  This metaphor applies across all aspects of our program. When creating blueFire, we …

Gather Resources

During the first several weeks with our clients, our focus is in helping them Gather the basic information, equipment and skills they need to begin their journey within each element of our program. During this process it is imperative to meet clients where they are and help them discover the path that led them here; and perhaps most importantly, we help our clients understand the resources they do have.

In doing this, clients discover they have the power to make their own decisions and the ability to make their lives better.

Build Skills & Belief System

After gathering resources our focus is in helping clients Build upon theses resources and translate them into useful skills. Our focus becomes helping clients evaluate what they have and what they need. We guide them and help them choose alternative coping skills and ways to communicate what their needs are. During this time we also teach them academic focus and help them learn and build proficiency in several primitive living and adventure education skills of their choice. This therapeutic approach helps clients discover new skills and reinforces confidence in their abilities.

Ignite Confidence and Lasting Change

Once our clients have gathered their resources and built up their skills our goal is to help them Ignite for real, lasting change. This is the point where change begins to happen, and our clients start to recognize their successes and begin to truly believe in themselves. They will be developing increased proficiency with their primitive skills, and they now begin to actively transition from the behaviors and equipment they started with to the behaviors and equipment they choose.

Once a fire is ignited it needs to be tended. Likewise, once our clients have ignited these changes in their lives, our goal now shifts to inspiring and guiding them through the process of mastering their skills and tending them. This is a place where our clients will become more independent, assertive, proud of their journey, respectful and able to tend to their needs as well as the needs of the group as a whole.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this metaphor is to recognize that it is a dynamic process. During the course of our clients’ stay, these steps will be repeated again and again within each element, activity and skill.

Prime Location for Amazing Adventures

A core component of blueFire’s success is our beautifully diverse area of southern Idaho, not far from Boise, Idaho.  This diverse landscape offers hiking, biking, canoeing, adventure, education and exploration all within a short distance.

Many years ago, I arrived to Idaho not sure if this area of Idaho was the place for me. Now, I cannot imagine any other area for raising my family or any other area to provide a therapeutic wilderness therapy program. This part of Idaho is a perfect location for blueFire because it offers access to some fantastic and diverse adventure therapy activities that are critical to the success of our clients.

blueFire, one of the top wilderness therapy programs, is located in the serene high plains desert at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains in south central Idaho, only a few hours from Boise with easy, direct access to cities around the United States.

I am incredibly proud of:

Our place – diverse landscape, adventure and accessible for families,

Our program – clinically diverse, technologically advanced and individualized

The people involved with blueFire – our staff, clients and wonderful families.

Please contact Reid, our wonderful Admissions Director, for more information about the blueFire Wilderness Therapy program. Call toll free at 844-413-1999.

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